When making any purchase decision you are faced with numerous other mini choices that ultimately lead to your final decision. This is no different for a security system. Today I’m going to talk about some of the barriers that face us in regards to a security system. We are going to examine those barriers and ask ourselves if they are true barriers, or if they are just excuses.

Perception that they are expensive – Technology has advanced to the point where equipment has become less expensive to create and therefore less expensive to the end user. That fact combined with the competition from local and national competitors is driving costs to the end user way down. This is why monitoring costs have also decreased, so that we can alleviate the complaint of high cost.

It will require a lot of work – neither installing nor using a security system is very difficult anymore. Wireless systems make installation very non invasive and quick. Most newer systems can integrate with your smart phone, computer, or tablet and are programmed with very user friendly interfaces that almost anyone can learn to use.

I can wait until later for that – The “it can wait approach” should more aptly be named the “it’s too late approach” if you are going to wait to take advantage of a service that can save life property and money (with the right equipment), then more often than not you’ll be waiting for a trigger event like a burglary, and that is too late. Safety and Security is about taking the proper precautions before something bad happens.

Your neighborhood is safe enough – People in a safe neighborhood tend to have a skewed view on crime in their area. Crime can happen anywhere even in the most safe and secure neighborhoods.

My pets will not be compatible with the system – These types of issues have been taken into account with newer systems, and any size pet can live and roam the home just fine as long as you make sure to get the correct pet safe sensors.

My pets are a great security system – Your pets may be loud when someone is at the door, but that doesn’t mean that person is going to leave, nor does that mean your neighbors or your dog will call the police in the event of an emergency. If a burglar disregards the loud barking then that means they could still get in, and even harm your dog so that it stops barking. A monitored security system will call you and the police (if necessary) in the event of an alarm, that way there is no need to worry about the what if’s of using your pet as an alarm system.

By Ethan Casavant 

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